Time to spoil yourself.... Estelle & Charlie Twice the fun, half the work
Join us in the bedroom for fun and games
Those who wait miss out...

Doubles with Charlie Rose


Introducing a new duo to Melbourne: Estelle Lucas and Charlie Rose


The best of life comes in two. Two hands, two feet, two eyes or whenever two meet. Why then would you deny yourself the opportunity to be ravished by two beautiful women. Why wouldn’t you want to be between the mattress and the sheets, entwined by two sets of legs, lips and breasts in heat.


It’s rare nowadays to let yourself be, to lean into your inhibitions, to relish in the moment. But that is exactly what can be done when life is a bit much. That is why we are here.


We love to please, pamper, laugh and enjoy all of life’s pleasures. Twice the fun, double the trouble and keen to find a new boy-toy. Check us out and off your list. Charlie is fit as a fiddle and twice as sweet. Estelle’s assets are hard to miss. When we kiss, it feels like butterflies and looks like fireworks.


Let’s meet when the sun sleeps and make the most of today.

We’re waiting for you,


Charlie & Estelle xxx

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

1 hour: $1,400
2 hours: $2,600
Additional hours:
Dinner date (4 hours): $4,500
Overnight $8,000

Estelle and Charlie offer two experiences – the GFE is perfect for anyone’s first time or wishing to slowly introduce themselves to the idea of being spoiled. You deserve the gift of two women catering your every need.

Porn Star Experience (PSE)

1 hour: $2,000
2 hours:
Additional hours
Dinner date (4 hours):
Overnight $10,000

Our PSE is for when you want to make sure you check every box and nothing is off the table. This experience is a decadent experience, for when you want to feel the full depth oh what Estelle and Charlie have to offer and not miss out on a thing.

To make your dreams into reality please contact one of us or use the contact form below. To gain a glimpse of us, please feel free to view our breathtaking duo portfolio. And for something a bit more, you know how to contact us.