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Doubles with Keira Quinn


Culture never felt as refined as when you’re in the presence of Keira Quinn and Estelle Lucas.

When you meet Keira, you will be struck by her classic beauty features: pearl-like skin, bright blue eyes and an aura of grace emitted with every step. She appears as though she walked right out of Hollywood’s silver screen and into your arms.

When you meet Estelle, you’re immediately put at ease. She glides through the space keeping you apart, clasps on your arm and looks up with a Cheshire-cat like smile and adoring eyes. It’s like you’ve been reunited with an old friend.

Together, Estelle and Keira bolster each other’s qualities, bouncing off each other in banter and style to create a whirlwind experience for those caught between. They have travelled the world together, waking up in each other’s arms and pursuing the day with mirth and vigour to be envious of. They love what life has to offer and are the perfect travelling, international duo, having done this before. And they want to share that experience with you.

Both deep, expressive and passionate women, what gives Estelle and Keira their distinct taste as courtesans is the ability to match each other’s sexual energy. You’ll find yourself drenched with a primal force to be reckoned with if you should choose their Decadence Experience (PSE). Such an experience can awaken your satisfaction in the simple things.

Alternatively, you have the option to explore the finer things with the Indulgence Experience (GFE). Perfect for when you’d like to tap into what makes Estelle and Keira one of the most cultured duos in town and tick all the boxes.

Keira is an international lover, picking up new experiences as she flies country to country. When she’s in Melbourne, which is not often, you’d be silly to miss a date with her and Estelle. It’s not a matter if they’re together, it’s a matter if you’re in the right city to catch them.

Allow yourself the indulgence and decadence that these two beauties have to offer while you can.

Indulgence (GFE)

1 hour: $1,400
2 hours: $2,600
Additional hours:
Dinner date (4 hours): $4,500

We tailor every experience to match your taste so please don’t hesitate to describe what you are after. We are both experienced in the art and sexually charged to the max while equally loving, tender and gentle. If you feel as though we might be too much for you, please allow us the opportunity to put you at ease. We are the experts at it.

Decadence (PSE)

1 hour: $2,100
2 hours:
Additional hours
Dinner date (4 hours):
Overnight $10,000

To make your dreams into reality please contact one of us or use the contact form below. To gain a glimpse of us, please feel free to view our breathtaking duo portfolio. And for something a bit more, you know how to contact us.

For everyone’s sake, we hope for at least 24 hours notice to ensure we are available and ready for you. We understand that this isn’t always possible and we ask that you contact us via SMS if this is the case. We both genuinely enjoy our sessions together and as a result we put our duo experiences at the highest priority.

Please note that Keira is an internationally touring escort and we are only available when she’s in Melbourne. You can find her schedule on her website here.

International Touring Rates

Indulgence (GFE)

1 hour: $1,500 USD
2 hours: $2,600 USD
3 hours:
$3,800 USD
Dinner date (4 hours): $4,400 USD

Please note that when touring outside of Australia, Keira and Estelle accept only USD currency and require additional screening.

Decadence (PSE)

1 hour: $2,050 USD
2 hours:
$3,500 USD
3 hours:
$4,700 USD
Dinner date (4 hours):
$5,550 USD

To find out if Keira and Estelle are touring internationally check out the News Section for any announcements or alternatively subscribe to my mailing list to be notified when we leave the country.