The duo you've been searching for... Estelle & Sophia Come and explore the hype that is Estelle
and Sophia for yourself, everything you’ve
dreamed of can come true.

Doubles with Sophia Lincoln


Introducing Melbourne’s freshest duo – the infamous Estelle Lucas and irresistible Sophia Lincoln.

For when you are struck by desire and taken by passion. For when you feel the need to explore your body and the breadth of intimacy. For when you are compelled to give yourself over to the trusting hand of Melbourne’s finest. Estelle and Sophia are here to guide you and cater to your every whim.

Sophia is the yin to Estelle’s yang, and to be caught up in between them will ensure you have an experience that takes you to the edges of your fantasies. Not only an unforgettable and life-changing experience being entwined in the sheets of these beauties, you’ll find yourself a whole new being by the end.

Estelle is adorned by curves and curiosities, unable to not worship the human body like it’s the first time she’s seen it. Sophia’s grace falls in locks of beauty, swept up in her femininity that is hypnotising and alluring. Together these nymphs are a formidable force of outstanding gorgeousness that will have you begging for more.

Estelle and Sophia have incredibly busy schedules. Advance bookings would be greatly appreciated and ensure that you have these stunning beauties at their upmost best. Estelle and Sophie will endeavour to get to last-minute bookings but they cannot promise to line up both their schedule.

Come and explore the hype that is Estelle and Sophia for yourself, everything you’ve dreamed of can come true – all you have to lose is the anxiety that keeps you from them.

Strawberries and Cream (GFE)

1 hour: $1,400
2 hours: $2,600
Additional hours:
Dinner date (4 hours): $4,500
Overnight $8,000

Estelle and Sophia offer two experiences – the GFE Strawberries & Cream perfect for anyone’s first time or wishing to slowly introduce themselves to the idea of being spoiled. You deserve the gift of two women catering your every need.

Wine and Roses (PSE)

1 hour: $2,000
2 hours:
Additional hours
Dinner date (4 hours):
Overnight $10,000

The Wine & Roses (PSE) is for when you want to make sure you check every box and nothing is off the table. This experience is a decadent experience, for when you want to feel the full depth oh what Estelle and Sophia have to offer and not miss out on a thing.

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